Now that’s nifty…

Doing a bit of research to become more familiar with my Mac…



lipo (aptly named) is a utility that manipulates universal binaries in Mac OS X. A lot of (almost all) programs these days ship, or download as “Universal”, meaning they have binary code that both the powerpc and the intel chips can understand. But since you probably don’t care about one of the two, you want to use lipo to “thin” down your binaries. For example if you wanted to thin the “Stickies” application to only contain intel (i386) code:
cd /Applications
lipo -thin i386 -output
rm Stickies
mv Stickies.i386 Stickies

8. screencapture
screencapture offers a more advanced way (over command-shift-3) to take screen captures (if you’re from the PC world, think print screen for Mac). To use it, open up your and try typingscreencapture -iW ~/Desktop/screen.jpg. It will bring up a camera icon that is waiting to be clicked on a window. Once clicked, a file on your desktop called “screen.jpg” will be created that will contain a snapshot of whatever window you clicked on. You can of course, also take a snapshot of your entire screen by typingscreencapture -S ~/Desktop/screen.jpg. If you really feel like being particular you can snag just a portion of your screen by typingscreencapture -ic

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