Finding God in technology

God can definitely be found in technology. Although I tend to see him in other things more vividly (running outdoors, and “people watching”), I can definitely see God in technology.

Technology isn’t just computers or the internet. Historically it’s been everything from stone tools, to nuclear generated electricity. Technology is the result of our fascination with the world around us over many centuries, discovering, creating, and inventing. We have a built-in desire to better understand and interact with the world we live in, and with God, who created it and put us in it. God created us in his image, and as a result, I think we enjoy creating as well.
Anyone who has spent 5 minutes with a child knows how exciting it is when they figure something new out. I imagine it’s very much the same with God and us. I think God enjoys seeing us create and learn, both on an individual level, as cultures and people groups, and as the larger collective that is humanity.
The way I see it, a computer is the manifestation of thousands of years of these mini-creations and discoveries piled on top of each other. Dozens of layers of complex ideas and systems, perfected and simplified as far as we can take them, stacked on top of each other to create something that is capable of all manner of things.
We can communicate globally in seconds and in various forms. Translate pictures to text to any other language in seconds. Machine learning and artificial intelligence have taught us so much about how we learn ourselves, in addition to having real world applications. Computers have performed the complex calculations necessary for us to travel to other planets. Today’s super computers, can analyze enormous quantities of data that occasionally reveal one of God’s tiny secrets pertaining to the world he created.
It’s also fun to compare what we’ve created in computer systems to something God created (us). God created us as a set of systems that each independently are amazingly complex, but come together to form you and I. Similarly, computers each have many systems that you can look at separately, and each is amazing in its own right. Created as a result of thousands of hours by thousands of individuals spanning centuries of collective knowledge. If you bring it all together, you get a computer, and the internet. I think we’ve turned it in to a modern day tower of babel (I personally think the tower of babel was an old-school super computer).
God has a hand in everything we do, each one of the things we’ve discovered over the centuries, or invented, was in some way directed by him. And now we’re using it to help progress and establish God’s kingdom here on earth.