Best guitar book


I can’t even begin to understand, given the vast number of sites out there, why this site keeps getting traffic from people looking for guitar chord information. I’ll take it though, in addition, I’d like to share the best thing I’ve found so far. A guitar book that gives some solid basics about the vast number of guitar chords.

I’ve always been daunted by the complexity of the guitar, the impossible number of combinations, so I never really knew where to start. My boss turned me onto an absolutely amazing book that gives you a good basic understanding of how chords are formed, and how to modify some basic chords to become whatever chord you need. You don’t need to memorize any of the ‘1001 Guitar Chords’ books. A few basic chords & shapes, and you can modify them to become whatever chord you want.

Check it out, the book is called ‘Plane Talk’ because it’s done in a comic book form about two guys on a plane, discussing guitar theory.

Plane Talk Site