Artist Portfolio

Erin's Portfolio Site - Unfinished
Erin's Portfolio Site - Unfinished


My lovely (not to mention talented) artist friend Erin McManness who can be found at and her blog at


Artist Digital Portfolio using WordPress as a CMS for the photos and captions etc.

Tech stack:

Apache Web server, PHP, MySQL, CSS, XHTML, Javascript, XML


  • “jquery.lightbox.js” – Javascript that creates an enlarging effect, focus users entire attention on the picture. More information can be found at
  • “jquery.corner.js” – Javascript that creates rounded corners effect by building extra divs outside of the specified div, blending the sharp corners. More information on this can be found at
  • Custom php function for the WordPress theme to pull appropriately sized image attachments from a post (one for thumbnail and one for Lightbox view)
  • jquery sliding div – See the Code Snippets category for more information


Round 1